The Road to Laura Becoming a Therapist

My journey to become a therapist began differently than most. My career started in corporate financial services where I worked in a wide variety of areas at different levels. While supporting senior teams to set strategic plans, I realized it was the interpersonal dynamics, more than any resourcing issues, that would interfere with a successful strategy implementation. This realization set me on a course to learn to support companies to 'address the unaddressed'. Finding the study fascinating, I decided to keep learning - about myself, as well as how I can help others. 

Why Laura cares

Having gone through my own personal growth journey along the road to becoming a therapist, I understood the value of therapy. When I started to see how I was an instrument of change for others potential, I was excited to be a part of their transformations - of whatever size and type. It takes courage to reach out for help, to be open and do the work, and make choices than align with the changes you want. It is a priviledge to be part of each clients journey. 

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